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Thursday, November 06, 2014

powder room

we've been SO busy trying the get the rest of the main level finished before winter! and this past week, we were able to start moving some things in! i still can't believe we have a WHOLE house to live in now...its been 13 months since we started. so it's bee so long awaited. i'll start off with a little 'before & after' of the powder room on the main level. all the walls are painted and floors are finished...but we still have the 'puzzle' of putting the trim back up. that'll take a while. but it's getting there AND it's livable now!

here's the 'before' of the half bath. love the slanted ceiling...its located under the main stairwell going upstairs. we decided to change a few things...the pedestal sink was miniature...almost too small for normal use and we also moved it over a little bit, so it wasn't so close to the toilet.

i wanted to do some built-ins in the space under the staircase...but we haven't had time...that'll be a winter project or something for next year. i found the perfect size dresser to put in there for now. i decided on sconces in there, instead of an overhead light. the boxes were cut in before we decided what we wanted, and in hindsight....i may have done something a little bit differently. with the slope of the ceiling, the sconces hang pretty low..but i still like them. the floors in there are the 5" wide pine planking. LOVE THEM! i actually with the entire house was the planking. its so gorgeous. we had all the floors sanded and refinished and they turned out better than i ever imagined.

we went to an architectural salvage place in north mpls to look for some things for the house, a few months back. i found this really cool old pedestal sink. the enamel is in pretty good needs a good cleaning, but otherwise is okay. and its such a better size than the mini one that was in there. i went with a darker color for the powder room walls, for a little bit of drama. its called grenada villa, by benjamin moore.

i had found these really cool pulley's about a year ago and hadn't done anything with them we decided to make those our sconces. i found a metal back plate and we drilled holes through it for the wire and the hook that holds the pulley. i ordered some vintage looking twisted wire and brass sockets for the light itself and then some silvered light bulbs. i really do like how they turned out!

and here's a shot of the dresser i did, that fits perfectly in the space!

once the trim is up and painted, its going to be finished and it'll look great! can't wait! i don't think i'll EVER be finished painting....

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

milk paint demo

this saturday, 10/25, i'll be doing a milk paint 11:30!! if you've wondered what milk paint was, or how to use it, this is a great place to start. i'll be showing you how to mix the paint, apply it to a piece, distress and finish it. i'll go over all of the products that are offered in the line, and how/when to use them.

i'll also be offering workshops again this fall/winter!! there will be a few different ones, but on the same premise of bringing a piece in with you and we'll go over some techniques on how to paint it and finish it!

for the demo on saturday, it'll be really informal...just show up and i'll start the demo around 11:30. i'll also be offering a 15% discount on any milk paint or products in the line that day!! so a perfect time to think about a project you've been wanting to do, and pick out your favorite color and go for it!

see you saturday!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

upcoming events at adourn

there are lots of fun events coming up at the shop! keep an eye out and there will be more details as they come up...


its going to be adourns 2 year birthday on november 1st!! which so happens to be a we'll be having a 'sip-n-shop' that day with spirits and yummy treats! AND possibly a lil' sale :)


then on the 29th of november, which is also SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY...adourn is hosting a 'pop up shop' for artist courtney bergey! some of you may have met courtney already...she works at the shop once in a while! she's an amazing artist and will be showing a variety of her handmade wares, including, jewelry dishes, ceramic bead necklaces, and vessels with succulents and air plants! take a look at her site....courtney bergey!


and our yearly holiday open house with candid joy photography, will be on saturday december 6th! LOTS of fun things planned for that day, and we'll fill you in more once we get closer to the date!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

the big announcement...!

its FINALLY here!!!! im super excited to announce that adourn is now a retailer for miss mustard seed's milk paint! this was a HUGE decision for me...and to be honest, quite the investment. for a small shop like mine to carry such a nationally recognized brand of milk paint, is a huge thing and it took a lot of thought on my end...but in the end, decided it would be an amazing opportunity! there aren't any other retail outlets in the area, so the only way to purchase, is to take a little road trip about 60 miles away...or to order online. now you can stop on by, take a look at it in person...see samples of each color, and see some of the pieces i've painted in milk paint that are for sale on the floor!

i've been working on getting a spot in the shop set up for a display and merchandise area...and i'm almost finished with it. i found this awesome old work bench with cross legs that i'm using as the table to put everything on...i still have to clean that up and get it out here. its 9' long and SUPER heavy! i'll be stocking all 18 colors of milk paint, the white, clear and antiquing wax, and the bonding agent. i'll also have some mini whisks to mix it, and some brushes....everything you'd need to do projects!

it's not all out on display yet, i've just opened the boxes this morning, but feel free to come and grab some!

i'll also be at the weathered & rusty market on october 3, 4, and 5th at the fairgrounds and i'll be debuting the milk paint there and doing a painting demo that saturday at noon! yay!

once i am able to get things a little more organized, i'll be offering some milk paint workshops this keep your eyes open for sign-ups!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

a new addition to the shop

a lovely antique dresser with beautiful original hardware and turned legs...painted my favorite shade of deep, dark navy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

first section....done.

its been a few weeks since i've done a post! we've been busy with the exterior...prepping, priming and painting. i was really excited to start! finally chose all the colors and really wanted to see them up on the house. seeing the exterior is in such rough shape....layers of old paint on the siding and trim, we had to pressure wash first, then get out the scraper and scrape off what we could and then pressure wash again. i thought that using the pressure washer would get off alot more paint than it did....that stuff is STUCK on there. even the scraper didn't get it off. i knew it wouldn't go down to bare wood, so i had an idea of what it would look like...pretty bumpy and alligatored. its just so sad to me that this house was so neglected for so long. its deteriorated so much. here's a photo of the exterior window trim, soffits and crown, and the windows...bad :(

i really can't believe the glass is actually in most of the windows. the glazing is literally gone or crumbling right off.

this is a little hard to tell...but this is looking up at the soffit and crown the dark brown metal is the drip edge on the roof.

we have a bunch of scaffolding to use for painting...but there are so many sections, that we can't move it around the house each time i get done with a step...meaning, i have to keep it in one spot until i'm completely done with that section. the scraping was the WORST! i don't think i've ever been THAT filthy in my entire was pretty gross. and it was hard work...that stuff doesn't come off easily. i got off all of the loose pieces and tried getting off as much as i could. once that was done, we had the primer delivered and i was ready to start. this stuff is actually pretty cool....and i'm hoping it works and lasts for a LONG time!!! its really like a thick glue. goes on sort of opaque and dries clearish. its a thick barrier and sort of glues it all in place, to prevent further chipping.
this is a small section with the primer on it

this is the primer...its super thick, sort of like yogurt

once i got the entire section primed, i went up and ordered the paint. that was sort of a fiasco! im not sure if i mentioned they had a really hard time color matching my main body paint color. it took hours to get a match...and it didn't even turn out to be a match. i actually really liked the color they came up with, so its sort of a one of a kind color, just for this house. anyways, i went up to sherwin williams and gave them all of the colors i needed...along with the formula they came up with for the main body color. i ordered 20 gallons to start out with they got it delivered the next day. i stared with the trim. its way easier to paint the trim first, and then the main part. with all of the lap siding and itty bitty edges to paint, its just easier to do the siding last. got both coats on the trim and was SUPER excited to start the main color! went to get the gallon and start...and its the wrong color. how disappointing!!!! i called the rep and he immediately came out and looked at it and took back the 20 gallons and had them re-mix it. i guess they couldn't get it quite right, so they had to start over. so he asked if i wanted to use the wrong color as the first coat...for a heavily discounted price...sure! so they brought it back out, along with the right color. i did all of the trimming in the correct color, just thought that would be easier than trying to be SO exact with the second coat. and that worked out really well.. i got the second coat (correct color) on yesterday and it looks amazing! i love it!! you can still see the imperfections in the siding with all of the chips...but it is what it is...and it looks pretty damn good! hey, if you stand in the street, you can't QUITE make out how bumpy it is...nonetheless, quite the improvement. and i'm so glad i did the soffit in a the collanade grey..its a nice little accent!

this section was probably about 20ft high...i thought it might be a little scary up on the top..but it wasn't too bad. the next section has a peak...and that'll add another 6-7ft...yikes.

i think its going to look pretty good once i'm done painting. although...this once section took a little over 2 wks to finish...with the paint delay, the rain we've had and lots of other stuff going on. hoping it'll go a little faster with each section. the back of the house is the worst with all of the chipping once im past that, the prep won't be as bad on the rest of the house. the countdown has begun...this house HAS to be completed by end of oct...we have 10.5 wks to get this little overwhelming to think about.

Friday, August 01, 2014

the results....

after letting the hardware boil for hours and looked like can see the paint bubbling off...

and here it is with a little scraping...

after this, i ended up letting it sit in some citrus stripper for about an hour to loosen the last bits of paint. even though its one of the least obnoxious strippers....its still pretty bad. and its not something i want to use for the rest of the hardware. but it got off most of the paint. i had a few suggestions yesterday, that simple green (the cleaner) takes paint off. it doesnt smell bad...its ok for the environment and it doesnt ruin the metal. im SO trying that with the rest of the hardware!!!

i took a stiff nylon brush to work the rest of it off and then realized how much detail was on the i have to find a little tiny tool to pick the rest out of the crevices. some people might think i'm CRAZY..and even i thought i was crazy too for going to that extent. BUT the end result turned out so beautiful. AND this is actually the only hinge in the entire house that has this detail and carving on it. the rest are just flat, normal, standard hinges...which i'm thinking of replacing with ones similar to this, because i know they were in the house at some point...and then the hinges will match the knobs and window pulls!

and here they are all washed and ready to put up!

aren't they beautiful?! who knew this was under all of that paint?! only thing now.....we have to find the pins that go in them...somehow they got misplaced when taking the door off....oh dear.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

stripping hardware

we've been living without doors in the finished part of the house, since we moved in. it's my job to paint them and get them ready to be put back on....painting doors is not one of my most favorite things to they're not finished yet. i did however, get the bathroom door painted and ready, but its not installed yet. why???!! well, the hardware for the doors has about 235 coats of paint on it. and before the doors go back on, i really wanted to strip the hardware. the hinges, knobs, locks and any other metal parts that go on the doors. some of it is absolutely gorgeous! you can see some of the detail under all of the paint, and i really want to get them back to bare metal, so all of the detail is showing. i've been researching ways to do this....and i really don't want to use a chemical stripper. one reason, with so many layers of paint, i think it would take A LOT to get it off and i don't want to risk the chance of the chemicals eating or pitting the metal...just because there are so many fine details on it. two, because it smells SO bad...and i dont know how many times i'd have to actually strip it. so i kept looking for another way to do it.....and i read somewhere you could put it in a crockpot, filled with water...put it on high for about 8 hrs and the paint will just sort of peel off...sounds easy?!

i REALLY want doors on the bedrooms and the i got all the hardware together this morning and brought it to the shop with me. put in an old crockpot we have, filled it with water and put it on high. i went to check on it about 3 hrs later and you could tell some of the paint was starting to bubble. so i grabbed a hinge out of there and sort of scraped it...gently, with a flat head screw driver. ITS WORKING!!! the paint is super gummy though and i think i'll have to get a fine wire brush to get all of the paint out the crevices and small detail areas.

here it is this morning, before the crockpot, with the 283 layers of paint on can see that some of the hinges are the cool detailed, steeple hinges and will look amazing back to bare metal! the 'normal' looking hinges (in the first photo) aren't original...i'd like to find more of the steeple ones or even some that just have the amazing detail carvings in them, to replace the 'newer' hinges that were put on at some point. but in the time being, i'll strip them and put them back up.

after 3 hrs you can see some of the paint floating on top of the water...AND this water smells absolutely horrible! i dont know if lead paint has a scent...but i'm sure there are layers of lead paint on the hardware..and it smells so bad...i feel like vapor is going to be really bad for my body???!!! maybe i should wear a mask while i scrape it?!

 i pulled one of the steeple hinges out, because they have the most detail on them, and i was excited to see what it looked like! you can see the paint is starting to soften...

and here it is with just a little can start to see the fine detail coming through paint...

i'll get a wire brush tonight and bring it with me tomorrow and start scraping the rest of the paint off. i may still have to use a little bit of chemical stripper to get the gumminess of the paint residue off...we'll see...i'll let you know.

we have this same detail on all of the window pulls, and alot of the door knobs and door plates. so i think i'll be using this process alot during the restoration...its pretty easy so far!